The key component to making a customer happy with a bathroom remodel, is the right design. There are many design options besides designing it yourself. Employing the services of a competent design firm is one way. Another great way would be to find a plan from an online service with hundreds of pre made designs that can be reworked to meet your customer’s needs. Important things to keep in mind when fine-tuning the design, in construction project management, are things like budget constraints, adequate use of space, and seamless flow of style.

A professional designer may become indispensable in one or more areas mentioned. The use of questions directed to the owner when finalizing the plans is important. Use direct questions to your client to find out specifics of use like what time it will be used, how many users at a given time. Never forget the need to record the questions and answers on paper, a form, or record the interview digitally. Keeping such a record is indispensable to return to in the future when making plans for your client.

Once the plan is selected based on specific need of the customer the next step is scheduling significant dates associated with completion. A few things to keep in mind while making a schedule are customer needs, availability of materials, and job load. It is always a good idea to make your customer aware that the schedule can change based on unforeseen circumstances. When finishing the schedule, always figure liberally with time estimates as to provide ample time to finish the project on schedule. Once a schedule has been agreed upon materials can be ordered and permits can be applied for.

Before starting the actual work make sure to ask the local building authority all pertinent questions before starting the project. There is nothing worse than getting half way through the project only to find out necessary codes were not followed. Always keep a progress log while the project is being completed. Keeping a project log serves many purposes. In the event of any discrepancy erupting between any of the parties as to relevant history, there is a vigilant record to return too for facts about times, places and costs.

Make sure and have the record handy and easy to read. While the job continues keep communication lines open with the client with regards to new developments in the project. Keeping this flow will safe guard common misunderstandings at the end of the project. Always keep in mind that your job is not only the completion of the job but keeping your customer satisfied for years to come.

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