A critical element in Web sites is constant updating. In order to maximize your company web site, it is crucial that it be up-to-date. That means updating with timely text content and state of the art visuals. By arranging for ongoing web site maintenance, you avoid the common mistake of putting up a Web site and then forgetting about it.

With Areca, have the option to contract with us to maintain your Web site. This avoids your company the hassles of learning HTML codes, or buying current software, and you’ll be guaranteed the same top quality production values we bring to every project. Areca’s clients can come to rely on our oustanding dependable service.

Areca guarantees that any simple update request will be fulfilled within 48 hours of when it is received.

Also, Areca offers training in today’s programming software. Let us train your employees to utilize HTML, Javascripts, or Adobe Photoshop and how to implement these skills into daily maintenance.